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ThaiSilverJeweryStore.com is a jewelry gift shop of thai tribal jewelry, also called thailand jewelry and thai silver jewelry including bracelets, rings, necklaces, amulets pendants, earrings  handmade by the local artisans from the Hill Tribes of Thailand from sterling silver and sem-gemstones. All of our silver jewelries are made from 925 sterling silver, not other metal.

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Thailand jewelry

HONGKONG HASEN CO.,LIMITED is a company 100% for online business, we donot offer drop-in pick up. Please contact us by email or fax.

Shipping Policy: Free China Mail Air Shipping for orders over USD60 to worldwide from China:
Our Thai jewelry collection team travel around Thailand to collect all our unique jewelry directly from the craftsmen and workshop. And gather all items in Hangzhou City, China to Deliever to our customers around the world.

Although worldwide air delievelry is very expensive, donot be worried! We think about this for you. Take in the consideration of lower office cost in China, we discount all shipping cost, which means you enjoy a FREE MAIL AIR SHIPPING from China for all orders over $60.

China Mail Air shipping Rate around the world:
USD1-USD60: USD5.95
USD60 or more; Free air mail shipping.

NOTE: China Mail Air Shipping delivers packages in 10-20 days. If you buy some small items and value is not too much, we advise use mail air shipping to save cost.


If value is much more than 100, we advise use EMS express shipping, EMS deliver packages in 5-10 business days and it is good for expensive items. Following is the rate for UPS and DHL;

USD1 - USD60: USD16.95
USD61-USD90: USD12.95.
USD91-USD120: USD9.95
USD121-USD150: USD5.95
USD150 or more: Free UPS Express shipping.

Quality Inspections:
An overview about how we inspect our products before shipment, to ensure the item we sent you is 100% perfect in quality.

Worldwide Delivery:
We sell all our products to USA, Canada, French, Germany, United Kingdom and other European Countries from our distribution center in China.

Fast Delivery:
For personalized jewelry will be shipped out within 7 business days. Normally products will be shipped out within 2 business days.

Safe & water-proof packaging:
All the orders, any sizes, will be shipped in BOX with water-proof packages, ensuring the safe shipping.